EAST BENGAL FOOTBALL ACADEMY (Supported by QUESS East Bengal Football Team)
East Bengal Football Academy's revolutionary journey has begun on 20th June 2016 with a new hope, new challenges and grate dreams which was planned to establish strong footprint in Indian football history by producing quality professional players.

The main objective of this project is to supply professional quality players to East Bengal senior team & Indian national team through holistic process.

Talent identification is a very important aspect for long term youth development program to achieve desired target & to meet this target we have covered various football pockets at Punjab, Bengal, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland & Jharkhand in five different phases where we have gone through extensive scouting program based on TIPS identification method and selected 30 top talents from around 6000 participants. Presently the academy team is practicing at Salt Lake CA ground and stays at Salt Lake Sec V in a 4 story building & the residential hostel is equipped with twin & four sharing rooms, conference room with video class facility, canteen, dining hall, medical room etc.

Training session at Salt Lake CA ground
How the various entities develop future stars
  • Identify - Scouting the best talents from all over the country by organising trails at specific states
  • Recruit - Pass through the selection parameters
  • Train - Covering 2000hrs training schedule during 2 years program at Residential Academy.
  • Competition - Minimum 60 competitive matches will be played during this period. 
  • Test - Half yearly testing cadets on Technical, Tactical, Physical & Psychological.
  • Evaluate - SWOT analysis; evaluate every match on strength and weakness and action plan on improvements.
  • Retain/Release - Successful players are retained and other players are released as per Management’s decision.
  • Grooming talents into a professional path way
  • Feeder system for the EAST BENGAL senior team: Minimum 5/6 players per batch should make it to the EAST BENGAL senior team – Alternate every 2 years
  • National Team- Continuous support in various age groups
  • Contribute to India’s ascendancy in International football arena through promotion of quality footballers.
  • Placement for players: for the highest competitive events
  • Inculcate the EAST BENGAL Way
    • Introduce the players to modern scientific training methods
    • Provide them access to the best facilities
    • Inculcate in the players the right attitude to be successful as professional footballers as well as good Indian citizens
    • To promote peace, teach respect, instil discipline and tolerance
    • Professionalism on and off the field
EAST BENGAL expected high standard of appearance & good citizen of the country.

Swimming session
  • Practice with highest effort & intensity together everyday
  • Play the best against the best players as much as possible.
  • Keep the best players with the best teachers & supporting staffs.
  • Provide the best facilities & opportunity to be the best.
The following compact daily schedule keeps the players active all the time throughout the day.
East Bengal Club has tremendous potential of building presence far beyond what we have able to achieve today but we planned to grow our capacity to achieve the highest level through this project.

Ranjan Chowdhury is the Project Head of East Bengal Football Academy.

Ranjan Chowdhury
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