Majid Bishkar at Sports Day
posted on 13.08.2019

Former Iranian star player Majid Bishkar visited the Blood Donation Camp to encourage the Blood Donors. He also visited the Medical Health Check Up Camp. He also greeted the Doctors & Para-Medical staff who were present at the event.
EB Sports Day today
posted on 13.08.2019

On the occasion of Sports Day - the birth anniversary of Late Dipak (Paltu Das), Blood Donation Camp was held at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra. Free Medical Check Up was also held today.

Congress leader Sri Somen Mitra and Sri Pradip Bhattacharya came to the event to encourage Blood Donors.

Former Iranian star footballer Majid Bishkar was also present at the event.
Always wanted to be creative: Majid
posted on 13.08.2019

Interview by Nilesh Bhattacharya - Times of India

He emerged in Indian football like a shooting star but vanished without notice. Yet, Majid Bishkar remains the proverbial myth. Thirtytwo years after leaving Indian shores, the former Iranian World Cupper ó who cast a magical spell during two seasons at East Bengal and then at Mohammedan Sporting before fading away ó the 63-year-old is in the city amid adoring fans who still havenít forgotten him.

It was yesterday once more, when Majid ó wearing the famous jersey No. 12 ó visited the East Bengal ground on Monday to a thunderous roar from a relatively young generation of supporters many of whom were not even born when he played here.

Earlier in the day, fellow-Iranian Jamshed Nassiri ó Majidís teammate at East Bengal from 1980-82 ó drove him around the city which was once his favourite. ďI have missed fish fry and hilsa. I used to go to a restaurant near Park Street, which I canít remember now,Ē Majid reminisced.

In the city on an invitation to be part of East Bengalís centenary celebrations, Majid tried to dissect the myth, magic and the man in an exclusive interview with TOI.

Following are excerpts:

You were known as the Badshah of the Maidan during your playing days here, but you left all of a sudden. Have you returned to take your crown back home?

(Smiles) Since my arrival here, I feel like Iím still playing in Kolkata. Everywhere I go, I can hear screams of ĎMajid, Majidí. When I left Tehran (on Saturday), Iíd thought there would be a couple of club officials to receive me at the airport. Never did I dream that so many people would be there at the dead of night, chanting my name,.. I tried to go outside (the airport), but there was no way because of the crowd. I feel Iíve lost nothing since my departure (in 1987).

You remained incommunicado since returning to Iran in 1987. Why did you decide to visit Kolkata now?

Because I got so many calls from here. I knew that the club was celebrating its centenary, but I was in two minds. Then Mana (former teammate Manoranjan Bhattacharya) called me. I also got a call from (fellow Iranian) Jamshed Nassiri. I thought that there must be something big happening at East Bengal. Then I told my brother-in-law, who is based in Tehran, to arrange my journey.

A lot of memories must be flooding your mind now.

Can you pick any of them?

I still remember the 1980 Federation Cup final. Mohun Bagan were a strong team at that time, but we held them 1-1 and shared the trophy. But my best match in East Bengal jersey must be the Darjeeling Gold Cup (in 1981). We trailed Mohun Bagan 0-2 inside 20 minutes in the final, and everyone thought the game was over. But I and Jamshed played a brilliant game and we won 3-2.

And your best goal?

I remember the one I scored against Mohammedan Sporting (1980 Rovers Cup final). I took a shot from near the centre line which beat their goalkeeper. Veteran actor Dilip Kumar was at the ground and he met me after the match.

Many consider you to be the best foreigner to have played for East Bengal and you became a legend. Can you throw some light on how you made it possible?

When I was in Iran, we used to play in the 4-3-3 formation. However, when I came to India and joined East Bengal in 1980, the team operated in a 4-2-4 formation. It was initially difficult for me to adjust. So I told Jamshed to fall back, so that I could operate as a free player. Because I always wanted to be creative. This is how I brought about a change in the teamís playing style and forced coach P.K. Banerjee to change to 4-3-3. Remember, a number of first-team players left East Bengal during that season. The team was in bad shape and everything had to be started anew. But the coach allowed me to grow as a free player and the team benefitted.

Your combination with Jamshed was an instant hit. During that Darjeeling Gold Cup final, you provided the assist and Jamshed scored the winner against Bagan.

We are from the same city. When I went to play in Tehran, he was in the same team. Then I came to India, he was with me and went to Aligarh University. There was a strong bonding between us since our time in Iran. Jamshed is like a younger brother to me. We helped each other grow as footballers.

Who was the toughest defender you faced in India?

I think Subrata (Bhattacharya). Mana (Manoranjan) was also very good but I was his teammate. Subrata always tried to annoy me, with tackles and tugging my shirt from behind.

In international football, who has been your favourite player?

My vote will go to Pele. On his day, Maradona was devastating, but he was inconsistent and also distracted by many off-the-field activities. He was like Subrata, creating a lot of jhamela (problem) both on and off the field. But I found in Pele someone who was focused solely on the game.

And among the present generation?

I have respect for all players but Messi is someone I would like to watch.

Finally, football has given you so much ... would you like to give back something to the game?

As a player itís about adulation from the fans and I think I have got enough of this. But nothing more than that. I always remember my game to be of a standard which would satisfy me and the fans. Whatever happened outside the field, I donít remember now. But I think politics should not enter the field. If it does, it spoils everything.
Majid Bishkar at East Bengal
posted on 12.08.2019

Majid came to the city Kolkata, and he came to the beloved club today. On that golden day he met Jamshed Nassiri, Manoranjan Bhattacharya and Bhaskar Ganguly. Majid went back to his nostalgic old East Bengal.

Many foreign players came to the East Bengal Club, but he, Majid Bishskar is above all else. He is the show stopper even after coming to the favorite club after 32 years.

He left the city more than three decades ago. But still he is the heartthrob of the fans.

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